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All LoL Pro League schedules and datafrom worldwide matches in one place
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Match Schedules
LoL Pro League schedule at a glance!

Choose your desired league to check the match schedule of that league.

Provides the win prediction voting rate and voting records for easy viewing.

Match Results
See the result data of both teams at a glance after the game ends!
Through game result data, you can check various data such as pro players' items and rune builds.
Match Prediction
Even more fun with win prediction!
Check the pre-match power data of both teams and predict the outcome.
* Currently only available in Worlds and LCK leagues.
Team / POG / Champion Standings
Check the rankings of Esports league teams and see the POG and champion rankings at a glance!
You can check the rankings of all Esports league teams, POG, and champion picks.
Team and player information
Get detailed information about teams and players!
Dig deep into the stats of players, team performances, and interesting team history.
To be updated
Pro BuildPro Build
Match ReactionMatch Reaction
Pro StatsPro Stats
OP.GG Esports
OP.GG Esports
Get match notifications for your favorite team!
* Push notifications can be set per match.
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